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Psychotherapist, LMFT #118097

Experience the Change

Therapy provides a place for people like yourself to grow and change in ways that are meaningful.



Life has many seasons and with those seasons come many challenges.
Life's seasons can bring anxiety, depression, grief, a lack of identity, or a lack of direction.  
I can help you get through these seasons as you discover what your future holds. Whatever you are experiencing, I am here to walk with you.
I work with adults ages 18 and over.  


Young women, finding their direction.
Career women, mommies, or both, working through life's challenges.
Mature women, grandma's, amazed you survived it all, and still going.
I'm Passionate about women, women who want to live life.
Perhaps you are in the middle of the ring trying to figure it all out. Maybe you are having a hard time getting back in the fight, or perhaps you are ready to sit on the sidelines for awhile.  Wherever you are, I am here to help you get to the next round.


Relationships can be the source of great joy and intense pain.  If your relationship with your partner is causing more pain than joy I can help. 
Most couples tell me they are struggling with communication and connection. What used to seem easy now seems hard. Learn to reconnect with your spouse and communicate well.  Get back to enjoying the love and connection that brought you together.


If you have experienced trauma whether in childhood, life, or work, there is hope and relief from the pain and distressing memories.
Therapy can provide relief from distressing symptoms and help you get back to being you.
 One of the most rewarding aspects of my work is being privileged to journeying along side 
amazingly resilient people. Whatever you have experienced, I offer a safe place to move through past events and embrace your future. 

Contact Me

Please contact me to discuss your personal needs. 


You can use the REQUEST APPOINTMENT option below to schedule a free phone consultation with me.

Blue Oaks Corporate Center

1430 Blue Oaks Blvd. Ste 120

Roseville, CA 95747


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